reSync – Futures

22 Nov 2013 - 11:00


Speculating on the future of Deckspace and sibling hacklabs, accessible infrastructures and organisational models which seek sustainability by self funding.

With upcoming event Cryptofestival London in mind recall similar media arts initiatives SPC has had a hand in eg.  Anti with E, Expo Destructo, DMZ and NODE.London.

Deckspace has maintained a silo of its own media, mail and development servers some old, some borrowed and a few new. Cloud services have become hugely popular but more recent concerns over security and surveillance are forcing a rethink. What role should we maintain or develop?

Taking Felix Stalder’s analysis of the difference between Open Source and Open Culture, again look at how different ideas and approaches to networks and openness were played out in the first season and by addressing the particular problem of organisation, how it might be possible and worthwhile to stimulate the development of free information infrastructures and celebrate it’s successes.

Invited participants:
Ellis Melman – RedRaw Internet
Atau Tanaka (Intimacy)
Jem Finner (Longplayer)
Pauline, Iain, Anthony Davis (Maydayrooms)

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