reSync – Screens

15 Nov 2013 - 11:00


Makers and other exhibitionists.. where is the screen now? Following the Besides the Screen conference hosted at Deckspace last year, we attempt to understand the continuing transformation of audiovisual media practices. The conference’s ever-expanding constellation of topics revolved around techniques of projection, the centrality of marginal processes, and the manifold systems of movie storage and transmission (as well as their possible materialities). The second edition took on a particularly reflexive character, reconfiguring traditional objects while exploring side-by-side theoretical and practical methods of academic research. The two-day conference was coupled with two days of workshops which took place at the media lab. During these workshops, participants experimented with media art ‘hacking’ practices on moving images, as well as explore open video and active archiving methods.

Invited participants:
Exploding Cinema collective (Sophia, David, the collective)
James Braddell PHONK (phone junk)
Rob Canning Sounding Cinema / Streaming
Besides the Screen

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