reSync – Origins

8 Nov 2013 - 11:00


Review the year 0 seeds of media arts practice and how these continue to influence and inform. html, streaming media, open network access and direct action. Backspace (obsolete РJ18 РVOLCANO  Рgallery37).

Historial post from Backspace, Media Lab & Riverside Lounge
A warm welcome to you all visiting either for the fist time or on a return trip… pleased you dipped your toe…….
The concept and organization of Backspace is intrinsically linked to the ebb and flow of the Thames, a much abused and maligned source of inspiration and energy.
Backspace is an an open environment for exploration and expression on the Internet and the focal point for related events, audio, visual and otherwise, with particular bias toward the diverse talents its subscribers
Enquiring minds are encouraged to make contact and get involved.
Open all day everyday.
Consider yourself invited. – nodeholders and users at link with Freifunk and its relaunch. Wireless summit Berlin.. Luneburg wireless ? rooftop panorama

Invited participants
Rachel Baker (Irrational)
Jon Bains
Pete Gomez (Mutant Films)
Manu Luksch
Mark & Ruth
Matthew Fuller
Javier Ruiz Diaz (Indymedia -> Open Rights Group)
Giovanni D’Angelo.
James Stevens
Julien Priest (Consume)
Julie Mayers
Graham Harwood (YoHa)

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