reSync – Transmissions

18 Oct 2013 - 11:00


In this second reSync workshops at Deckspace we will be joined by members of the WirelessFM collective who operate a regular live radio station where specialist music genres are exposed with great integrity and intensity.

WirelessFM DJ/s collaborate in fundraising, production and scheduling of radio time with a varied and eclectic selections also utilising a thousands of hours of archive shows which are aired via SPC streaming servers.

During the workshop we hope to hear from the producers and listeners and capture the sense of enthusiasm and euphoria for radio they share. These insights coupled with examples of the project sounds and images will be published into directories for synchronisation.

We review the historical practices of our regular broadcasters and the critical role the ‘zine’ it’s legacy and promise. We also hope to be discussing the next release of Datacide, also coming to the Anarchist Bookfair. And an introduction to airtime.

For some noise, listen to PRAXIS.

Invited participants:
Bison – WirelessFM
Jane Wyatt – (radio programme maker)
Christophe – Praxis/Datacide (presenting at this week’s Anarchist Bookfair)
Howard Slayter – MaydayRooms
Rob Caning – Kiben
London Pirate Listening Station (in Hamburg & London)

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.