Freiraum reSynced

DSCF1745During the final workshop day today we met again with Alexander the CEO of Freiraum who has been our primary contact and host these three days. He presented an account of establishment and development of Parklokal foundation and illustrated the many areas of activity and ongoing engagement with business and community that have come about since.

freiraumresyncedWe heard about their beginnings at Hausbar and progression to music venue Salon Hansen leading to addition of Freiraum itself and introduction to Lunatic Festival. Please view the great presentation for your self.

Max is a student at Leuphana University and the outgoing chair of Lunatic. He talked in animated terms about his experiences working for the festival, detailing the educational aims and commitment of the university to maintain support of this very successful student run event. The recent addition of arts exhibit at the festival has opened up new opportunities for engagement and involvement of the local community of Lueneburg.

reSync Hausbar

We then collated this workshop report and produced a fresh set of qrcodes and nfc stickers set to link back to this page. These were fixed to windows and walls in the district.

Here is the btsync secret AX65KPZECNZC3U37KNEVEHVPSNWVGSWXJ please use it to syncronise.

In attendance ; Alexander, Max, Adnan, Wjana, James and Nina.