Graswurzel reSynced has been active since 2006 when they first got involved in filming political actions and publishing their documentaries. Founders Suze & Marco attended the Saturday workshop at Freiraum Lueneburg to present a potted history of their group activities. They showed us some of the many accounts of actions during a very busy 5 years.

More recently they have been mapping the resistance to open cast mining of lignite in the far east of Germany at the border with Poland where devastating environmental damage across a vast area is ongoing in the quest for cheap energy. Thousands of residents have already been decanted to other areas and mining has lead to the disappearance of entire villages.

We discussed how the evidence of these and other campaigns is often buried in the weight of information accumulating from often lengthy campaigns.

Later in the afternoon we turned to the second task of the day to prepare a live linux 4gb USB key for video editing uses and re purposing a small NAS unit to serve as reSync host for data here at Frieraum once we have departed on Monday.


In attendance ; Suze, Marco, Adnan, Wjana, Jan, James and Adam.