Freifunk reSynced

hausbarstickeringYou may have scanned this QRcode adjacent to a sticker in Lueneburg city centre in range of the open wireless network. Now you have been directed to this page where we are presenting the outcomes from recent reSync workshops in Lueneburg.

Under each Freifunk sticker is a RFID tag you can now scan with your NFC capable smart phone to open the Btsync point which holds the workshop documentation. You will need BTsync installed and internet connection to activate this link.


ponsstickered2Try connecting to Freifunk wireless which offers full fat internet, no blocked ports, access logs or regional paranoia! If you like what you see, find out more by attending one of the monthly meetings (last Wednesday of the month at Pons bar in Lueneburg). They have recently added a dynamic OLSR map.

mainstreetHaukenodeThe workshop featured a great Freifunk presentation by Hauke who lives locally and hosts an access point at his home in the centre of the city. We discussed the many aspects of free network infrastructure and how the local group collaborates to present open access. walkaboutThey run a flavour of Freifunk software that tunnels all the IP traffic crossing the network to a Swedish internet gateway thus navigating the Störerhaftung or ‘Secondary Liability’ otherwise limiting open hearted Germans at home.

partisanWe all considered prospects for future collaborations and infrastructure building with Freifunk,  interlinking Post Media LabFreiraum and Stadtarchiv which could be be attempted in time to coincide with the Taking care of Things conference in January 2014.

The workshop concluded by warwalking about the city on the hunt for Friefunk wireless which we celebrated with the QRcodes, stickers and NFC tags as described above. for more info checkout Howto reSync

Workshop attendees – Adnan, James, Hauke, Jancke, Nora, Alexander and Liene. Thanks everyone !